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Why Do You Need A Will?


You may have thought about what would happen to your loved ones after you are gone, but have you planned for how your affairs will be handled under the law? It is important to specify your wishes in a legal document so they are carried out as you want them to be – not handled by the state.

As an experienced wills attorney, I have worked with individuals and families throughout the St. Clair County area since 1997. My experience has been built on my dedication to the families I help, and over the years, I have found ways to use the law strategically to address their needs through wills and powers of attorney.

Every will is handled personally by me, so you can make sure the will you get is detailed and thorough for your family, your estate executor and your beneficiaries. Contact the law firm of Stephanie Bain P.C. to schedule an initial consultation with me.

How A Will And Powers Of Attorney Protect You And Your Family

Even families that do not have complex assets may run into problems when a loved one dies intestate (without a will). Beneficiaries and heirs can end up in disputes over how to care for a sick loved one or how to distribute property and other assets. Wills are designed to make life easier for your loved ones by naming an executor of your estate, designating who receives property, naming legal guardians for minor children and specifying your funeral and burial wishes.

In addition to a will, it is recommended that you designate financial and health care powers of attorney to a trusted family member, friend or lawyer. These documents give the people you choose the legal right to make financial and health care decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

Everyone can benefit from having these documents drafted thoroughly. Make sure to work with an experienced lawyer who can address your concerns and help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Put These Legal Protections in Place Today

It’s easier than you may think to create a will and powers of attorney. I have the knowledge and skill to draft these documents to meet your specific needs. Please set up an appointment with me by calling 205-235-5030 or sending an email.